• Contagious Cancer in Shellfish Sparks Investigation by International Team of Scientists

    A multimillion-dollar grant enables investigators to turn the tide on transmissible cancers in shellfish on both U.S. coasts.

  • The Genetics Behind Holiday Stress

    That holiday stress you’re feeling may have everything to do with your genes.

  • How Clams Provide Clues Into Cancer Evolution

    The key to learning about cancer evolution in humans may be found by studying a surprising organism: the clam.

  • Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists

    Mentorship is an integral part of science.  Each summer, scientists at PNRI mentor college students as part of our eight-week Summer Undergraduate Science Internship Program.

  • Decoding the Genetics of Stress

    In the not-so-distant past, a typical doctor’s visit for many of us might have focused on problematic symptoms or an ongoing physical health issue. We didn’t expect to discuss social stressors like demanding jobs, family obligations, financial hardships, or the recent death of a loved one.

  • Q&A With Dr. Rick McLaughlin on the Implications of Mapping the First Complete Human Genome

    On March 31, 2022, scientists from the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium announced a historic first in the field of human genetics: they successfully sequenced an entire human genome, essentially completing the work started by the Human Genome Project.

  • Is your stress level genetic? Local study examines the role played by DNA

    Dr. Lisa Stubbs recently discussed the connection between genetics and chronic stress on KOMO-TV.

  • An Update on Type 1 Diabetes Research

    PNRI Principal Investigator Bill Hagopian, MD, PhD, discusses his research, the connection between type 1 diabetes and celiac, and his hopes for the future of diagnosis and treatment. And John Caudill of Sheridan Vineyard walks through tasting some of Sheridan’s tasty reds. Part of the Science and Wine Club, a quarterly conversation series by PNRI.

  • Contagious Cancer in Clams

    PNRI Scientist Michael Metzger, PhD, describes his research on a rare contagious disease in clams and how some clams are adapting to be immune to it. Jason Morin, owner and winemaker at Ancestry Cellars describes phylloxera, a blight that nearly wiped out the European wine industry. Science and Wine Club, a quarterly conversation series by…

  • Adapting to Stress

    PNRI Scientist Lisa Stubbs, PhD, explains the link between stress and health, and how it’s all tied to our genetics. Chuck Reininger, owner and winemaker at Reininger Winery discusses how wine vineyards use plant stress to produce healthy plants and desirable wines. Part of the Science and Wine Club, a quarterly conversation series by PNRI.