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MSN News Medical, April 2024

A team of researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, including PNRI’s own Dr. Cláudia Carvalho, conducted a decade-long exploration into Turkish genetics, uncovering a vital piece of the puzzle behind why some rare diseases emerge.

The Seattle Times, February 2024

In the ongoing battle for Washington’s official state clam, the Pacific razor clam faces tough competition from geoduck enthusiasts. But amidst the clamor, PNRI scientist Michael Metzger sheds light on the broader challenges these iconic shellfish face due to climate change.

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National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation, January 2024

The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (NUCDF) showcased PNRI’s Dudley Lab for its groundbreaking genetic screening tool. The Dudley Lab’s research not only accelerates diagnosis but may also pave the way for personalized treatments, improving patient outcomes.

The New York Times, October 2023

Carl Zimmer from The New York Times interviewed PNRI’s Dr. Michael Metzger about a study just published in the journal Nature Cancer. Dr. Metzger and a global team of scientists uncovered a transmissible cancer lineage in soft-shell clams more than 200 years old. Their findings not only reshape our understanding of how cancer evolves but offer insights that could help develop novel strategies for blocking cancer in humans and other species.

MedPage Today, August 2023

In a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from PNRI’s Hagopian Lab and TEDDY Study colleagues found no evidence to suggest a link between COVID-19 and the development of type 1 diabetes in children. Their findings stand in contrast to other recent studies that suggested a link between the virus and the disease.

DNA Today, August 2023

In this podcast episode, PNRI Senior Investigator Dr. Aimée Dudley joins Dr. Andrea Gropman, Chief of Neurogenetics and Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics at Children’s National  Hospital, and Tresa Warner, a parent of a child living with OTC deficiency and the President of the Board of Directors of the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation, to discuss a novel genetic screening tool that offers hope to babies born with ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (OTC deficiency), a life-threatening metabolic disorder.

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