Genetic research holds the key to solving some of the most difficult problems in science and medicine.

PNRI provides an environment where researchers are free to follow the science—often leading to unexpected discoveries found at the intersection of multiple disciplines. A gift of support to PNRI is a gift to fuel creative thinking and to power discovery.

Our labs unravel the powerful mysteries of the human genome through the lens of “what keeps us healthy” to drive future medical breakthroughs. While each lab has its own unique focus, they are united by a drive to create a healthier future for all humans.

PNRI’s community of donors share this passion for unbridled exploration that can yield transformational science.

Our discoveries become the backbone for cutting-edge ways to diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases. If you are looking to fund science that is exciting, intersectional, and continuously pushing the envelope, then PNRI is the place for you.

By becoming a PNRI donor, you gain front row access to the science happening in our labs through hands-on lab tours, donor events, first access to videos from our scientists, emails from our CEO each month, and more. Join us today by making a donation.

Join us today by making a donation

Support Our Top Priorities

Foundational Science

Your unrestricted gift is the most impactful way to nurture our culture of intellectual freedom that drives medical breakthroughs. When you give an unrestricted gift, you are enabling our most promising early-stage research, helping us add new scientists to our faculty, and advancing our work discovering new treatments. This generous gift allows PNRI the flexibility to put it toward wherever it is needed most.

Rare Disease Research

Several of our labs focus on genetic research for rare diseases. By donating to rare disease research, you will support our work developing new ways of diagnosing and treating these diseases. In addition, your gift brings hope to the patients dealing from these oftentimes debilitating diseases, as well as to their families. Rare disease research is chronically underfunded, which makes your gift all that much more important and precious.

Chronic Stress Research

A collaborative effort among several of our labs is focused on understanding how an individual’s genetics contribute to susceptibility or resistance to diseases associated with exposure to chronic stress. Our goal is to broaden the range of stress-related disorders we study, including type 2 diabetes and anxiety disorders. Your generous gift allows PNRI to remain at the forefront of this vital and exciting area of research.

Equipment Fund

Scientific equipment is the lifeblood of each of our labs. Technology is advancing at an ever-faster pace, enabling the most impactful discoveries into the mysteries of the human genome. Your gift will allow for the purchase of needed equipment, software, building improvements, and other hard costs that keep our labs on the cutting-edge. These essential items allow PNRI to accelerate discovery.


Contact the Development Team via our contact form or call (206) 726-1233 with any questions you may have about giving to PNRI. We appreciate your support.