Creative thinking to power medical breakthroughs

PNRI scientists unravel the powerful mysteries of the human genome through the lens of “what keeps us healthy” to drive future medical innovations.

Scientific discoveries found in unexpected places

From contagious cancer in clams to rare inherited metabolic disorders to junk DNA—PNRI labs delve into unexplored areas to uncover the next scientific breakthrough.

Invest in boundary-breaking science

Invest in PNRI’s bold approach to tackling the most difficult questions in science and medicine. Together, we are improving human health for generations to come.

Boundless Exploration

PNRI’s relentless pursuit of scientific discovery is fueled by our intrinsic ambition to create a healthier future for all humans.

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Decoding Stress in Our Genes

Explore the Stubbs’ Lab work to identify the variation in genes that create resilience or susceptibility to environmental stress—and how that can develop into or protect us from disease.

Harnessing Genetics to Drive Rapid Disease Detection

Learn about the Dudley Lab’s pioneering research on urea cycle disorders and how clinicians are using their data to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Culture of Intellectual Freedom

“PNRI is a creative, invested, and non-traditional institute that is pursuing a daring style of science.” – Dr. Rick McLaughlin, PNRI Assistant Investigator 

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Bold Breakthroughs

Join PNRI for Bold Breakthroughs: a night of thrilling discovery and fine wine on Friday, October 20, 2023. We invite you to an evening that brings the cutting-edge genetics research from our labs to the beautiful AXIS venue in Pioneer Square. Get early bird pricing on tickets and tables before August 15, 2023!



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Bold Breakthroughs

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