, November 2019

PNRI’s Dr. Michael Metzger discusses how humans may have helped to spread a transmissible cancer in mussels.

Metzger Lab

Global News, January 2019

Listen in as Jason Tetro from the Super Awesome Science Show podcast talks with Dr. Aimée Dudley about how genetics give different coffees from around their world their unique taste.

Dudley Lab

Seattle Times, November 2018

Local pastry chef turned to PNRI geneticist Dr. Aimée Dudley and her lab to learn how they culture yeast from foods like coffee and chocolate to help gather new and diverse strains from around the world.

Dudley Lab

The Economist, April 2016

Dr. Aimee Dudley explains how new research from the Dudley Lab shows that coffee and cacao yeasts are far more genetically diverse than wine strains, opening up the intriguing possibility of imparting entirely new tastes to the terroir of coffee and chocolate.

Dudley Lab

Digital Journal, April 2016

Digital Journal explores the Dudley’s Lab’s recent findings published in Current Biology that highlight the role of human activity in shaping food production and the selection of the appropriate types of yeast.

Dudley Lab

BBC, March 2016

BBC Radio 4’s Tracey Logan turned to Dr. Aimée Dudley to learn how coffee and chocolate may have a microbial terroir that affects their taste.

Dudley Lab

Newsweek, March 2016

Newsweek reporter Eric Smillie dives into a Dudley Lab study published in Current Biology that tested unroasted coffee and cacao beans from around the world for Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the yeast used in baking, brewing and winemaking.

Dudley Lab

Smithsonian Magazine, March 2016

Smithsonian Magazine features the Dudley Lab’s study exploring how human activities and global transportation networks have influenced the migration and mingling of various organisms, particularly yeasts associated with winemaking, coffee, and cacao.

Dudley Lab

Tech Times, March 2016

Tech Times talks with PNRI’s Dr. Aimée Dudley about her lab’s study findings which showed that yeast strains from chocolate and coffee show greater diversity than those yeast associated in making wines.

Dudley Lab

Science News, March 2016

Science News’ Helen Thompson features the Dudley Lab’s recent study that found that while coffee and cacao yeasts are even more diverse than wine yeasts, strains that came from the same continents and countries had more in common genetically with their immediate neighbors.

Dudley Lab